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 If you are looking for travel medical insurance for your parents or grandparents for their Super visa application then you are at the right place.Avoid the backlog and apply soon.We definitely can help you to find  the right coverage for you.We are offering PER DAY coverage with plans starting at 1.8CAD$ per day.

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Free Super Visa consultation

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Alif Insurance is contracted with Canada’s most Insurers. We have Manulife Plans, Destination Canada Plans,Blue Cross visitor Insurance,Tugo Medical visitor Insurance, Allianz Medical travel Insurance. 

We do have plans underwritten by Manulife Financial at discounted rates. No other brokerage can offer you this package.Excellent coverage with Exceptional customer service available at affordable rates.


Plans covering COVID-19

We have the plans which cover testing and hospitalization related to COVID-19 provided that the insured did not have any symptoms of COVID-19 at the time of purchase.we understand the importance of this added coverage as per need of current challenging time.  

Super Visa application requirements

To be eligible to enter Canada on super visa one must have minimum $100,000 in Medical coverage issued by a Canadian insurance company. This helps the visitors to pay for their Medical related bills  if they become sick.

Alif Insurance Visitor-to-Canada travel medical insurance plan offers convenient, affordable protection that meets Super Visa application requirements, including:

  • Plans covering  365 days in Canada without any expiry date.
  • Many  deductible options with savings of 5% to 30%.
  • We can offer coverage up to age 89.
  • Flexible effective date option.
  • Monthly Plans available.
  • FULL REFUND if visa is denied.Partial refund on early return.
  • The ability to return to the home country during the trip without cancelling coverage.
  • Couple discount 10 %.

Benefits of Medical Insurance:

    • Emergency Medical coverage: $15,000; $25,000; $50,000; $100,000 and $150,000.
    • Emergency hospitalization coverage: coverage includes semi private room and Intensive care services.
    • Prescription drugs: Up to 10,000 CAD$ for prescription drugs.
    • Land Ambulance Transportation:  If needed ambulance service is covered.
    • Emerg Air Transport:If required you will be covered to return to your    country for treatment. Ticket cost along with attendant is covered   
    • Death expenses: up to $6,000 in terms of death expenses including cremation of  the body,burial  or to return the body or ashes to the country of origin. 
    • Doctor’s Check up: For any illness you are covered to see a doctor.
    • Lab Diagnostics: Physician can prescribe tests and  they will be covered.
    • Meals and Accommodation - up to $150-200/day to a max of $1,500 for hotel, meals, phone bill or  taxi charges.
    • Follow up visits: You can see your doctor for a follow up visit.
    • Telemedicine service by Maple – 24/7 days medical consultation service that connects you within minutes to a Canadian licensed primary care physician to get an assessment, diagnosis and prescription as needed.
    • All provinces are covered.
    •  Services of Private Nurse: during hospitalization.
    •  Medical Appliances - the rental or purchase (whichever is less) of a hospital bed, wheelchair, brace, crutch or other medical appliances.
    • Enhanced Medical care: Services of licensed chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncturist, chiropodist, physiotherapist or podiatrist, up to $70 per visit to a maximum of $700 for a covered injury are available.
    • Accidental Dental: Up to $4,000 for repair of teeth damaged  by an accidental blow to the mouth.
    • Dental Emergencies: Up to $500 for the relief of dental pain.
    • Return Of Dependent: If hospitalized for more than 24 hours return of dependents is covered. Expenses to return your travel companion - if you are repatriated or evacuated (returned home due to sickness or death), Manulife will cover the cost of one-way economy class airfare, to return home your travel companion.
    • Expenses to bring someone to your bedside - up to $3,000 for airfare and up to $500 for hotel and meals for someone to be with you, if traveling alone and admitted to a hospital for 5 days or more.
    • Childcare expenses - up to $100 per day to a maximum of $300 per trip, if you are admitted to hospital. *
    • Hospital Allowance - up to $100 for each 24-hour period to a maximum of $300 for telephone and television out-of-pocket expenses, if you are hospitalized for more than 72 hours.
    • Trip break for temporary visit back to your country of origin is covered under many plans.
    • Flight to/from Canada coverage: When coverage is purchased prior to leaving home with an effective date equal to the date and time you are scheduled to arrive in Canada, coverage will also be provided with no additional premium.




What is Super Visa

"Parent and Grandparent Super Visa," is a temporary resident visa valid for up to ten years. Bearers can visit Canada for two years in one go as it is a Multi entry visa. It reduced the wait times and thus making it a lot easier to come to Canada on short notice.Applicants are required to obtain private Canadian  Medical health insurance during their stay.

Applicants should meet Income eligibility criteria set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in order to act as sponsor relative in Canada.


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