This is our most popular plan as hit offers huge benefits and most important is that this is a secure and provides you Living benefit.


If you have money in your savings account this would never give you up to 250,000 God forbid, If you are diagnosed with any of the 26 Illnesses categorized as Critical Illnesses, including Paralysis and Diabetes

With critical illness insurance plan you can have all of your money back after 15years or 20 years depending on your plan, or you can choose plan that would also include dividend options.


Every third person in Canada is prone to be diagnosed with critical illness any time after 42 years of age and this benefit would provide you the peace of mind.



Either benefit paid out to you or your money is returned back after 20 years. Alif Insurance  can even provide you a plan for CANCER, which is never offered by others and most important aspect is that 25 % of that would be offered a death benefit.


As per as per world health Organization stats, world population is  41% more prone to acquire diseases categorized as critical illnesses. Therefore, your financial planning must include a protection for any critical IL any critical illness which can definitely, devastate your finances and so does your Family situation. This living benefit can help you in saving some money too. We are offering term plans which can pay back your premiums in case not claimed with in specific period of time. There are 25 kinds of diseases which are covered under this plan including paralysis, coma stroke, angina attack and much more.


Critical illness protection insurance provides you coverage from $25,000 to $250,000 under this plan additionally offer you return of premium. This amount can be used to cover your medical expenses or to support your family. Medical exam is not a required for this kind of coverage and a benefit will be provided tax free. This coverage will fulfill all your needs without draining your savings or putting your family at financial risks.


Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your finances by having this comprehensive coverage.

We also offer this protection as part of our Life insurance coverage. 

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Premiums as low as 30 dollars per month and 7 dollars per benefit for Disability Insurance.