Business Insurance


Imagine you are a restaurant owner and your customer get’s sick after eating your food and you get a notice for liability claim of 100,000 dollars or one of your customer sues you for a fall due to wet floor.Commercial Insurance helps you with this type of claims and protect you from being bankrupt .

We save you from being exposed to multiple kind of risks while operating your business. No one wants to fall into a pit created by others or to spend thousands of dollars to take care of unexpected events.Claims, legal fee, third-party damages payouts can be some examples of risks involved .

Be smart enough to spend few hundred dollars a year to save million dollar investment.

Alif Insurance offer every kind of business insurance protection. Getting protection will allow you to run your business stress-free and with bold aptitude which provides you confidence and boost to ignite your profit ratio. The business insurance protection plan starts from 350 per year for small business and plans price range differ depending upon Type of Industry ,Revenue Generated in a year,number of persons employed,size of building, age of Building,location of business. Alif Insurance provides you most suitable and secure insurance plan for your business.

If you have a business and you have not taken the right decision of getting your business insurance plan contact Alif insurance experts who will guide you and offer your most economical and most beneficial insurance plan for your business.


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