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About Us

We at Alif Insurance are committed to let you experience a new wave of ease and transparency when it comes to buying an Insurance plan. As the only purpose of Insurance is to feel protected with peace of mind. We are contracted with most insurance companies of Canada so that we can shop around on your behalf to provide you THE BEST. Our highly qualified and experienced team members can definitely help you to buy the right plan for your Home, auto, life or travel needs. Just contact us with your details and we will take all the burden off your head. We can make you experience Professionalism at it’s best with ALL KIND OF INSURNACES being offered at one place.


Frequently Asked Questions

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We have the plans which would benefit you during your own life. This includes Disability benefits Plan, Critical Illness Insurance, and Dividend plans which pay you back on your investment in your life.

Term life insurance is a powerful and effective plan to protect families and even business against the unexpected loss of a key person or the person who is responsible for bringing in money. It is very easy to select in a very cost-effective way with Alif insurance.

The difference between accidental death insurance and life insurance is when it come to payback time. Accidental death insurance only pays if death occurs by accident. Life insurance pays upon the death of the person regardless cause of death.

When your term life insurance policy is up for renewal it is a good time to see what other plans you have or how your financial situation may have changed. It may be good decision to move or to replace your old policy with a new one and if yes then, Get on board with Alif Insurance experts who will help you to determine best coverage for you and your family. If you have not taken your most important decision of your life yet then go ahead and call us right away and One of our financial advisor will make an appointment with you to go through your financial needs and the possible solution for them .

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